Welcome to Tru Blu

Whoever dies with the most tattoos wins!

Welcome to the new Tru Blu Tattoo! Recently renovated and rebranded, Tru Blu can be found in historic Bristol, PA. If you're a returning customer, no worries, the same great artists are here with some new talented additions coming soon. Our artists are award-winning and some of the best in the industry. We promise you will only deal with professionals here at Tru Blu, and they will make your tattoo process easy, ENJOYABLE and pain-free (well, kinda!). You will never want to deal with another tattoo shop again. Come to Tru Blu and meet our hilarious cast of artists! Click the button below to find us.


Tru Blu Tattoo,
we want to put art on you!

Getting a tattoo is serious business! Not only do you have to worry about someone making your grandmother look fugly, but also getting nasty skin diseases(gross!). We have experienced and (did we already mention) award-winning artists that will make your tattoo process FUN and in a clean sanitary environment.

Why we're different...
Award-Winning Artists

Our artists are some of the most talented in the entire industry!

Sanitary & Healthy Practices

We meet & EXCEED all state health codes to protect ourselves and our clients.


Aside from the flat-screen and audio system, our HILARIOUS crew of artists never fail to entertain.


We can't promise the tattoo will be pain-free, but the PROCESS will!


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